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The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

Elizabeth Kolbert’s latest work (published by Henry Holt & Co in February 2014) reads like a part travelogue, part introductory textbook. The Sixth Extinction is generally structured as a series of connected essays covering topics that show the ways man … Continue reading

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The New Shark Week? Highlights from #CephalopodWeek

While the Discovery Channel was counting down to Shark Week 2014 (and making hilariously epic commercials), Science Friday was celebrating a class that includes some different living fossils. Cephalopod Week, which started on June 20, 2014, brought out the best of our soft-bodied companions, and … Continue reading

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No, Climate Change is Not Causing a Redhead Extinction

Today I was watching the evening news report from abc when they mentioned an alarming piece claiming that natural redheads are going extinct due to – get this – global climate change. Seriously. It’s not entirely abc’s fault. Around July … Continue reading

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