The New Shark Week? Highlights from #CephalopodWeek

While the Discovery Channel was counting down to Shark Week 2014 (and making hilariously epic commercials), Science Friday was celebrating a class that includes some different living fossils.

Cephalopod Week, which started on June 20, 2014, brought out the best of our soft-bodied companions, and lots of people got into the fun on Twitter. Highlights include:

  • The obligatory game of find the octopus.
  • An interview and footage on Vampyroteuthis infernalis — the vampire squid from hell. (Note: Not really a vampire. And also not really a squid.)
  • An adorable tentacles Pinterest board from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • Scientists ask “What happens when you play music through a squid?” And answer with this video.
  • The Oceanic Society reminds everyone of a few good mollusks. (Sidenote: Yes, Cephalopods are mollusks! Just like sea shells. Only instead of hard outer shells, they often have creepy beaks.)

The Bottom Line: Cephalopod Week was great! I would love to see more special showcase weeks like this. In other news, I can now spell Cephalopod right on the first try every time. See more content from Science Friday here or check out the #CephalopodWeek tag on Twitter. 

Did I miss your favorite moment from Cephalopod Week? Give it a shoutout in the comments!


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